Pair of sports shoes is not simply to help protect, beautify and create his own style. This is also a great friend ready to go wherever you go. But over the years, have you taken good care of your friend properly?

To accelerate the drying process of the shoes, never expose them to direct sunlight . Because of the wet air, the shoe’s air holes are expanding and experiencing a sudden high temperature will cause your shoe to expand even more. This would be bad if because a little ignorance turned the fitting shoes become “oversized” for your feet.

“I try as much as possible to give you a great basic product and what comes out, I feel, is really amazing.”

Do not wash the washing machine: The rotation intensity as well as the drying temperature of the washing machine will cause your favorite shoes to lose their form, or worse, peel off the sheaths and brands. Or peel off the sole when it is put into the washing machine regularly.

Do not wash shoes and soak them often: Many careful friends often wash shoes immediately after using with the thought of preserving longer. This is completely wrong. A lot of water exposed shoes will reduce the quality of the glue and the material of the shoe will easily rot. And the life of your shoes will decrease very quickly.

Do not use soap with strong detergent properties: This is easy to guess when the color of your shoes suddenly deviates or loses a certain angle when exposed to high detergent. Dilute soap, or use only sports shoe detergent to keep your shoes safe. Don’t leave your shoes in too hot or cold places: As mentioned above, shrinking or stretching of shoes will not fit your feet.

The care and maintenance of sneakers is extremely important. It saves you a lot of money. Depending on each shoe, there will be different prices. It’s a pity that improper maintenance of a good Nike shoe will cause minor damage or even complete incurability . So, please equip yourself with the basic knowledge to take care of your companion in the best way.